2022 Year in Review

2022 Year in Review

2022 Year in Review

As we enter our 3rd full year as an omnichannel wholesaler, We happily say goodbye to 2022. What a whirlwind..... 

Without summary of all that occured and impacted us outside of our control (of which there were too many), We love to look at our best sellers as your favourites of the entire year, to highlight the outright Winners and Finalists (2nd Place) of the Year, 2022.

To set the scene, the Pantone Colour of the Year 2022 is Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri. A perfectly purple blue shade of Periwinkle. So its fitting we use the Colour of the Year as our Award emblems of the year too.

Our Awards are summarised by 7 categories. 

  • Product of the Year
  • Eyewear of the Year
  • Sunglasses of the Year
  • Clip-On of the Year
  • Kids Eyewear of the Year
  • Accessory of the Year
  • Shop Essential of the Year

Results are based on units delivered. With regard to products sold in packs, we count per pack, not per unit.


Let's Begin..............


The 2022 Product of the Year & Accessory of the Year is:

There really was no contest this year. The volume of SYCASE017 (in packs of 10) delivered throughout the first 9 months before China's Zero Covid Policy destroyed supplies in the Q4, was nothing short of remarkable. Blending results across both EyeQ and non-branded made the SYCASE017 our Accessory of the Year and Product of the Year for 2022...

This year, the SYCASE017 will probably win it again with shipments already on the water and we have ensured steady flows throughout the year.



 The 2022 Eyewear of the Year is:

 In 2022 we had a changing of the guard as our Finaire Faithful series was replaced by a completely new range, named after US cities. The Finaire Baltimore 89016 is the direct replacement to the JH1015 and JH1016 and has proven to comfortably take its place in the annual sales race too.

As a result of its full year performance, it was also the runner up for the Product of the Year outperforming every other product bar the SYCASE017. That is a HUGE result and testiment to how much of a favourite it is in Optical practices Australia Wide.


The 2022 Sunglasses of the Year:

Historically, the Sofia range of sunglasses outperforms the Finaire range but tallying up the whole years results surprised us with the Finaire Esoteric T2317 winning out in the sales race...A sporty wrap-around in a large 59mm eye suitable for most faces.


The 2022 Clip-On of the Year:

A back to back winner in 2021 and 2022... What a massive result considering the competition fighting in the same category. Lets see if it wins in 2023 for a Three Peat!




The 2022 Kids Eyewear of the Year:

Definately one of the most popular kids frames we have had for a number of years now. We now have a second version of it which although size is identical, there is a small variation in the hinge. 


The 2022 Shop Essentials of the Year:

This was a very interesting result and admittedly we would have sold more if not for China's Zero Covid Policy. Thankfully we got plently on the water inbound to us very shortly.

The Multifocal Lens Markings Identifier seems to be in huge demand, So we are taking backorders for them on a first come, first serve basis.


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