Revolutionising Eyewear Display with Clear Look

Discover the simplicity and elegance of Clear Look Display Rods, a versatile solution for showcasing eyewear. Combining a sleek horizontal bar with a range of frame holders and accessories, these display rods are designed to bring a modern and uncluttered look to any space.

Innovative Design & Enhanced Visual Appeal: Clear Look rods stand out with their flexible installation options, available both with and without LED lighting. The subtle yet effective LED illumination not only creates a captivating display but also accentuates the features of each eyewear piece, adding sophistication and attracting attention. This adaptability allows integration into various retail environments, whether as single units or part of our exclusive wall displays.
Tailored Solutions & Effortless Installation: Clear Look bars, offered in custom sizes and capable of holding multiple frame holders, ensure durability and elegance. The system's design emphasises ease of installation, catering to different mounting needs while providing a secure setup. The range of accessories, from acrylic frame holders to aluminium rotating options, further enhances display versatility and functionality.

Clear Look frame holders and accessories

Seamless Integration: Clear Look displays are mutually compatible, allowing for easy upgrades and expansions. Enhance a display from 8 bars to 15 bars with minimal effort, ensuring your display evolves with your collection.

Clear Look Anti-Theft:

Single Lock Frame Holder: Upgrade your Clear Look display rods with the Single Lock frame holder, featuring a secure magnetic-coded key lock. Its durable blend of polycarbonate and aluminium offers both security and elegance for showcasing eyewear.
Setting the Benchmark in Eyewear Display: Embrace the future of eyewear presentation with Clear Look. The seamless integration and upgradability, combined with refined design and customisable options, position Clear Look as a leader in display solutions. These rods are not just a display choice but a testament to sophistication and quality, perfectly encapsulating the essence of premium eyewear presentation.