DUAL Wall Storage: The Art of Concealed Efficiency

Discover the DUAL storage system, where smart design meets versatility. At its core, the DUAL offers an innovative dual-panel setup: a back panel anchored to the wall, complemented by a door panel that showcases your selected display. But the true brilliance of DUAL lies in its concealed cabinet, tucked away behind the display, ensuring every inch of space is utilised without compromising on aesthetics.

Each panel is crafted to accommodate up to 15 shelves, providing ample storage for your needs. Whether you prefer a single-winged door, either to the left or right, or the symmetry of a central-opening double panel, DUAL adapts to your preferences. Enhance its functionality with optional features like the magnetic-coded key-lock for added security or the white LED lighting for a subtle illumination.

With DUAL, redefine your space with a storage solution that's as practical as it is discreet, standing out in the Presenta Nova range for its ingenious use of space.

Presenta Nova: Dual Wall Storage Systems