Innovative Storage with DUAL Wall System

Revolutionary Design: The DUAL Wall Storage system is a groundbreaking solution, offering a hidden cabinet behind your chosen wall display. It seamlessly combines functionality and style, transforming storage into an art form.
Customisable Panels for Enhanced Functionality: The DUAL system includes a back panel and door panels, each capable of holding 15 shelves. These panels are designed for both display and storage, with options for single or double door panels, With or without additional storage on inside of door panel, catering to various spatial needs.
Advanced Security Features with Optional Key-Lock: For added security, the DUAL system offers an optional magnetic-coded key-lock. This feature ensures that your valuable items are safely stored, giving you peace of mind.

Single Door (Left or Right Opening)

French Door

Inside DUAL Storage Systems

Elegance Illuminated: Each panel can be equipped with optional integrated white LED lighting, providing a soft, elegant glow to your displays. This lighting enhances the visibility and aesthetic appeal of your items.

Inside DUAL Storage Systems

Single or Double Door Options: The door panel can be configured as a single (left or right-winged) or double (central opening), providing flexibility and convenience in accessing your stored items. This adaptability makes the DUAL system suitable for various space requirements.

Expansive Customisation

A Spectrum of Display Options with DUAL:

Presenta Nova's DUAL Wall Storage System's true versatility shines in its array of front-facing display configurations. Tailored to cater to diverse aesthetic and functional needs, the system offers an extensive range of customisable options.

Shelving Varieties:

From sleek acrylic shelves to robust metal options, the DUAL system can be fitted with various shelve systems of different materials and designs. These can be tailored for specific product types, from delicate eyewear to display items, ensuring both safety and style.

Rods and Hooks:

For a more minimalist and modern look, option Presenta Nova's Rods systems tfor DUAL Storage systems, perfect for displaying eyewear in all styles. Providing a neat and organized appearance.

Mirrors and Advertising Panels:

Enhance the customer experience with strategically placed mirrors, allowing them to try and view products. Advertising panels can be utilised for branding or promotional messages, turning the storage system into an interactive marketing tool.

Lockable Display Options:

For high-value items, lockable theft-prevention display features can be incorporated, blending security with elegance. This ensures peace of mind while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the display.

Lighting Enhancements:

The option for integrated LED lighting in various configurations further elevates the display, highlighting products and creating an inviting ambiance.

Elevate with DUAL: A Symphony of Style and Innovation

Each of these elements can be mixed and matched, allowing for a truly bespoke display that meets specific needs. The DUAL system's ability to adapt and transform based on your requirements makes it an unparalleled choice in wall storage and display solutions.

DUAL Wall Storage - Unparalleled Excellence

In a Class of Its Own: The DUAL Wall Storage system represents the pinnacle of storage solutions. With its innovative design, customisable panels, advanced security features, integrated lighting, and flexible door configurations, it stands unrivaled in functionality and style. The DUAL system isn't just a storage option; it's a statement of sophistication and ingenuity, unmatched by any other product in the market.