ROTO Revolution Loss Prevention System: A Fusion of Security and Elegance

Discover the ROTO Revolution, where cutting-edge design meets unparalleled security. Each rod, crafted with precision, features a retractable rotating hook and a robust stainless steel wire. This ingenious system allows for both left and right rotation, ensuring ease of access without compromising on safety.

The gap between frames is a standard 29 mm, but for those delicate smaller frames, our ADP hook adapter seamlessly reduces this to a mere 15 mm. Choose from our non-lockable rods for a minimalist look or opt for the key-lockable version, armed with a patented system. This unique design ensures ample space for handling frames, eliminating the risk of potential eyewear damage.

Illuminate your collection in the most flattering light with our subtle, indirect LED lighting options. Whether you prefer the glow of the back panel LED or the strategic placement of the LED stripe behind each rod, shadows are a thing of the past.

ROTO Revolution rods are as versatile as they are sleek. Available as single units, they can be integrated into wall, table, or free-standing displays. With various sizes, decors, and a capacity defined by rod height and frame distance, the possibilities are endless.

Experience the ROTO Revolution—where every detail is a testament to our commitment to excellence in eyewear display.

Presenta Nova: Roto Loss Prevention Rods