MULTI PIN Eyewear Display Hooks: Versatility Meets Security

Discover the MULTI PIN display system, an ingenious blend of design and functionality tailored for showcasing eyewear. At its core, the system features a robust steel wire adorned with multiple pins, providing a sturdy foundation for frames. Whether your space demands a single pin or up to six, MULTI PIN adjusts to fit your needs.

Opt for the lockable variant, enhanced with a magnetic-coded key, offering an added layer of security and loss prevention for your collection. Especially designed for all nose bridge widths, the adapter ensures both anti-theft and anti-slip protection, marrying safety with aesthetics.

Ease of installation is a hallmark of MULTI PIN. Its design effortlessly accommodates both flat and slightly curved surfaces, making it a perfect choice for diverse interiors. And for those seeking an enhanced display experience, the system seamlessly integrates with our wall displays, complete with back panel LED lighting for that added touch of brilliance.

Whether you're in need of just the wire and pins or a comprehensive display solution with lighting and storage, MULTI PIN stands as a testament to adaptable design and unparalleled security.

Presenta Nova: Multi Pin System