PIN SOLO Wall Display: A Canvas of Acrylic Elegance

Introducing the PIN SOLO Wall Display, a harmonious blend of design and practicality tailored for the modern eyewear showcase. Crafted from premium acrylic, each panel is punctuated with distinct cut-out patterns, from rectangular and oval to round, each designed to cradle eyeglass temples with grace.

Whether you desire the minimalist appeal of a standalone acrylic panel or the enhanced look paired with our signature wall panels, PIN SOLO offers flexibility in presentation. Illuminate your collection in its best light with the optional white LED, or for a more dramatic effect, opt for the back panel LED lighting.

But the PIN SOLO's magic doesn't stop there. Our special feature allows these acrylic panels to be custom cut into various designs, ensuring your display is as unique as your collection. From the classic satinated acrylic to vibrant hues like yellow, PIN SOLO is more than a display—it's a statement piece.

Looking for a bespoke touch? Reach out to our designers to explore custom panel sizes and designs tailored just for you.

Presenta Nova: Pin Solo Display System