SRC for ROTO REVOLUTION: The Future of Eyewear Displays

Dive into the innovation of Roto Revolution's Smart Remote Control. A game-changer in eyewear display, this system boasts a fully retractable hook that not only locks and protects but also offers five times more space than conventional locking systems. This patented design ensures the utmost comfort in handling, virtually eliminating any risk of eyewear damage.

At the rod's base, the key-lock mechanism effortlessly unlocks all hooks simultaneously, streamlining the process. Manually lock them back with ease. Designed to accommodate even the most sizeable eyewear with its 29 mm gap, the system also caters to smaller frames by reducing the gap to 15 mm using the ADP hook adapter.

Constructed with premium aluminium and stainless steel, trust in the ROTO REVOLUTION's durability, backed by a 5-year guarantee. Whether you prefer the non-lockable or key-lockable versions, each rod is available in a variety of sizes and decors, tailoring to every aesthetic.

Presenta Nova: Smart Remote Control System