STRUKTURA: A Dynamic Display Evolution

Discover STRUKTURA, the avant-garde display system that seamlessly melds functionality with industrial-inspired aesthetics. Designed for adaptability, STRUKTURA boasts countless configurations to cater to diverse spaces, from intimate boutiques to expansive showrooms.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Design: From the skeletal cube structure to the hanging sets, STRUKTURA can morph to match your display aspirations. Whether you're drawn to the grid metal construction of MOSAIC with its 75 fields or the elegance of island displays, you're in control of the design narrative.
  • Illumination: Integrated cordless LED lighting infuses a luminous ambiance, highlighting the showcased items. Opt for the unique LED stripes or the sophisticated touch screen displays, whichever speaks to your brand's aesthetic.
  • Modularity: The system is enhanced by micro-perforated displaying elements that latch onto self-tapping screws, ensuring precision and durability. Choose from a plethora of accessories, from acrylic shelves, advertising panels, to state-of-the-art touch screens with integrated cameras.
  • Customisation: Colours, decors, dimensions – STRUKTURA bends to your vision. Opt for the signature black or white or request custom decors to match your branding.
  • Security and Convenience: With the option of locking mechanisms, ensure the safety of your items. Plus, the easy exchangeability of accessories ensures hassle-free updates without the need for tools.
  • Diverse Applications: From wall panels to freestanding islands, STRUKTURA is not just a display system; it's a statement. Perfect for eyewear, jewellery, or any premium product, it elevates the shopping experience.

Presenta Nova: Struktura Modular Display