VERA Shelves: Elevate Your Optical Space

Transform your optical space with VERA shelves – a blend of functionality and contemporary design. Once just a storage solution, shelves have now evolved into a pivotal design element, and VERA is at the forefront of this transformation.

Key Features:

  • Trendsetting Design: VERA shelves are not just functional; they are a statement piece. They are essential for crafting modern, stylish optical interiors.
  • Customisable Aesthetics: The shelves come with exchangeable magnetic fronts, allowing you to easily switch up the panel design based on your preference or current trends. While the standard panel boasts a glossy white acrylic finish, bespoke decors are available upon request.
  • Versatile Display: These multipurpose glass shelves cater to a range of products, from regular eyewear to contact lenses and related solutions. Whether you opt for the clear transparent look or choose shelves with engravings, VERA ensures your products stand out. The engravings not only enhance the display appeal but also streamline inventory management.
  • Integrated Lighting: Illuminate your merchandise in the best light, quite literally. VERA shelves come with integrated LED lighting, available in classic white or a spectrum of colours, adding that extra touch of ambience to your space.

Invest in VERA shelves and offer your customers an unparalleled shopping experience, all while giving your store a chic, modern makeover.

Presenta Nova: Vera Shelves