Elevate Your Space with Showcase Tables

Introducing our Showcase Tables, where functionality meets style. Crafted to bar height, these tables offer an added dimension of utility with removable drawers, providing ample storage for your collections. Designed for both small and large spaces, their versatility is enhanced with integrated wheels, ensuring effortless handling and repositioning.

Constructed from durable aluminium, each table boasts optional white LED lighting that accentuates the displayed items, creating an inviting ambiance. For those seeking added security, the tables come with an optional locking feature, safeguarding your precious collections.

Each drawer, molded from premium acrylic, can comfortably house 15 frames and is easily removable, offering flexibility in display configurations. Customise the drawer decor to resonate with your brand aesthetics, ensuring a unique touch to each piece.

Available in various sizes and drawer configurations, our Showcase Tables seamlessly blend into any decor, making them an elegant addition to any interior.

Presenta Nova: Showcase Tables