Opticvision exclusively presents Presenta Nova in Australia and New Zealand, offering a full range of build-to-order and bespoke optical shop fitout solutions.

Designed, manufacturered and assembled in Croatia, Presenta Nova optical eyewear and sunglasses display fixtures, furniture, and more elevate your optical store effortlessly.

Built to order, pre-assembled, quality-tested, and ready to ship, your transformation is just an unpack away. Upgrade your optical space with us.

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Elevate Your Optical Space with Presenta Nova:

Need a Shop Fitout Transformation?

Take a look at Presenta Nova. The World's No1 European optical shop design manufacturer.

Embark on a journey to elevate your optical space, exclusively introduced to Australia and New Zealand by Opticvision.

Presenta Nova is meticulously crafted in the heart of Zagreb, Croatia with offices and distribution partners around the world.

Why choose Opticvision & Presenta Nova?

This is your opportunity to embark on a transformative journey for your optical store or optometry practice, where innovation meets craftsmanship.

Let Opticvision and Presenta Nova turn your vision into a stunning reality. Your dream optical space is just a consultation away.

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Take a look at Presenta Nova's completed shop fitout projects from around the world:

Presenta Nova's innovative approach has redefined optical retail through a focus on modular design and continuous advancement. Discover Presenta Nova's 6 stage design and delivery principles, which will support your journey and set a clear implementation pathway for your future-proofed designs:

1. Design

The minimalist yet adaptable designs of Presenta Nova's optical displays seamlessly complement any practice interior. Their stylish modular fixtures can subtly showcase optical merchandise or be transformed into vibrant eye-catching displays. Lavish or understated, these high-quality optical retail solutions flawlessly present eyewear through any preferred aesthetic. Unique engineering details like:

  • Flush surfaces
  • Hidden connections
  • Cable management and more...

Ensuring frames always remain the elegant focus. Presenta Nova's meticulous attention to aesthetics is showcased through clean, contemporary materials and furnishings devoid of visible screws or fixings for a cohesive look that elevates the patient experience.

2. Lighting

Presenta Nova wall displays, as well as some furniture are available with LED lighting. We provide standard white LED lighting, RGB LED lighting and the combination of both. Unique characteristic of our LED lighting is the specially designed, subtle dispersion of light which provides ideal conditions for frame presentation. 

Some of the benefits of our LED lighting are: 

  1. Long lifetime 
  2. Energy efficiency
  3. Eco friendly
  4. Directional
  5. Excellent colour rendering
  6. Dimmability
  7. Colour options
3. Modularity

Our display systems are developed to fit best the requirements of modern optical retail.

Base construction allows simple installation onto any wall or ceiling surface. It also provides maximum flexibility when renovating or moving to a new space. Displays can be simply reinstalled in the new space, which is really time and money saving, especially for larger optical chains. Universal display connection parts allow easy upgrades with time and within the planned budget. 

Every system has standard modules and/or display elements. Predefined, standard sizes allow great creativity and numerous combinations within different retail spaces.  

Various designs and decors are achieved for every system differently. Majority of our displays has magnetic features that allow simple customisations in design for a completely unique appearance.

4. Materials & Technology

Materials used in the development of our optical displays correspond to our design philosophy - they communicate a clean and contemporary look. 

We use materials that have proven to be both highly sustainable and durable - acrylic and aluminium. Our development department works closely with the production which improves and shortens the realization process. 

Our innovation drive comes and strives from the needs of the optical market. Sales increase is what you desire, and that is what we try to achieve with the design and functionality of our optical furniture. 

Every innovation that comes from our development team is followed by fast implementation of relevant and new production technologies. In the end, every product gets a pre-launch testing from our clients. 

This allows very fast improvements based solely on clients' feedback. Our well-organised development and production allow us to meet your every need with ease.

5. Packaging & Shipping

Production and shipping times vary based on complexity of product choice.

Some items are available in Melbourne and can be shipped within 2 weeks of ordering. However, all custom designs and projects are shipped from our Presenta Nova production facility located in Zagreb, Croatia, EU. Custom projects usually take 10-18 weeks for delivery to your specified address.

Production process starts upon the order confirmation.

All products are properly packed, covered with polystyrene foam protection from all sides and transported on EURO-palettes. Presenta Nova through Opticvision will ship all orders to Australia and New Zealand via Air or Sea Freight. Express Shipping is optional for smaller packages and spare parts. 

Shipping costs are calculated by destination, each product being shipped and the shipping option(s) chosen. Cost is also determined by the volume and the weight of the shipment. Shipping costs are dynamically calculated upon recieving your enquiry and again at order confirmation stage.

6. Assembly & Installation

We provide 2 installation options:

1. Self-assembly 

We send you all the displays and furniture with detailed assembly instructions. Email assistance is provided.

If the space is ready and prepared for installation according to our instructions, the installation is usually done within a single day with minimum 2 persons. 

2. Shopfitter Assembly

If you have a shopfitter arranged, we will happily work with your shopfitter to provide all installation instructions, plans and scope of works required for your practice. 

If the space is ready and prepared for installation according to our instructions, the installation is usually done within a single day. 

Otherwise, installation time can be extended or delayed - till you prepare the space for your shopfitter to perform works.

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