Illuminate your space with the DIVERSE wall display

Featuring 7 brilliantly lit shelves with crisp white lighting. Each shelf boasts a magnetic design and comes in varying widths, granting you the freedom to rearrange and tailor the display to your personal taste. Whether you prefer the classic black, white, wood look or custom colours, the DIVERSE shelves cater to every style. Plus, with its user-friendly design, installation is a breeze on any wall surface. Choose DIVERSE for a display solution that's as unique as your collection.
Seamless Integration: The Diverse Wall Modular System features an innovative panel-and-shelf combination, offering various shelving sizes for a tailored display solution. This design ensures a seamless and cohesive look, ideal for creating unique and efficient display spaces.
Magnetic Appeal: Each shelf in the Diverse system is equipped with magnetic fronts and bottoms, enhancing functionality and design aesthetics. This feature allows for easy and secure attachment of items, providing both stability and a sleek appearance.
Elegant Lighting: The integrated white LED lighting in each shelf not only highlights displayed items but also adds a sophisticated ambiance to the overall setting. This thoughtful addition ensures that every item on the shelf is showcased in its best light.

7 shelves with magnetic front and bottom. Integrated white LED lighting

Customisable: Standard in black and white, with other colours and decors available upon request, the Diverse Wall Modular System caters to various aesthetic preferences. This versatility ensures that the system can adapt to any interior design theme.
The Diverse system also offers shelves with integrated lockable Single Lock frame holders. Available to secure 4, 5 or 6 frames per shelf (shelve width dependant), adding an extra layer of security to the display. This feature is perfect for high-value items, combining protection with an elegant display.

Magnetic Frame Holders

Diverse Wall Modular Systems - A Class Apart

Exquisite Display Solution: The Diverse Wall Modular System epitomizes sophistication and versatility in display solutions. With its modular design, magnetic shelves, integrated lighting, secure lock options, and customizable colors, it represents the pinnacle of modern shelving systems. Perfect for those seeking a combination of style, functionality, and security in their displays, Diverse sets a new standard in wall-mounted shelving.