2021 Year in Review

2021 Year in Review

2021 Year in Review


What an incredible year 2021 proved to be...Having a health crisis put the world on the ropes, Opticvision Eyewear had to step up and make some pivotal and transformational strategies come to life. So, in 2021 we began our journey with a significant review of our product assortment along with developing an entirely new online strategy with in-house professional product photography at its core....

Throughout this transformational and educational year, we learnt more about our products, services and trade customer engagement than anticipated... Each month since launching our website we began a Product of the Month campaign amongst many others: so it is no surprise we would start the 2022 New Year with our 2021 Products Of The Year...

After much deliberation, based on launching the website in Q2 and our direct customer interactions, we have blended results from both online and offline to determine our winners and finalists for 2021 in several categories. Most notably, Product Of The Year.

Our individual categories were Eyewear, Kids Eyewear, Clip-Ons, Sunglasses, Accessory and off-course Shop Essential.

2021 Product Of The Year:


When blending both online and offline results, the Finaire Faithful JH1015 (which we have carried for several years as one of our Halo eyewear models) was the outright winner of 2021... It wasn't easy to against the phenominal success of the SYCASE017 Hard Case which won Product of the Month almost every month - Online Only... 

The Finaire Faithful range comprising of the JH1015 and JH1016 was named as such because they are Old Faithful's to our assortment, and have traditionally been the most popular for several years due to their timeless and always in-fashion design...We are very pleased with this result, and will continue to range the Finaire Faithful range for a long time to come!

Our two 2021 Product Of The Year Finalists will not come as a surprise... The Opticvision SYCASE017 Hard Case and the Finaire Nova WD1165... The SYCASE017 Hard Case has always been our most popular clamshell hard case, Since publishing the SYCASE017 online for both EyeQ and non-branded variants, it rocketed to stardom and stayed the Online sales champion... And in December we expanded the range with to include some new Artworks...

Our other 2021 Product Of The Year Finalist was the Finaire Nova WD1165... Another ever-popular design which again blending all 2021 results came 3rd most-popular product overall... A huge result considering the popularity of several other products, that came within inches of taking 3rd instead... But you cannot take anything away from the Nova WD1165. Its 6 various colours take pride of space at many optometrists in Australia and New Zealand with the Tri-Colour and Gloss Indigo flying off the shelves!!! Like the Faithful range, we consider the WD1165 a long termer too!


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