Manual Phoropter VT-30

Product Code: VT-30

VT-30 Manual Phoropter Specifications:



 Range:-19.00D~+16.75D Step: 0.25D; When applied with auxiliary
 lens +0.12D Step:0.12D



 Range:0~-6.00D;When applied with auxiliary cylinder lens: 0~-8.00D  Step:0.25D;

 When applied with auxiliary cylinder lens +0.12D Step:0.12D

 Cylinder axis


 Rotary prism


 Cross Cylinder

 Cross cylinder lens synchronized with cylinder asis

 PD adjustment


 Convergenc  adjustable

 ∞,380mm(When PD 64mm)

 Forehead reat  adjustable


 Vertex corned  distance

 13.75mm(From corneal point to standard lens surface)





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